VIP card

VIP card is loyalty discount card for all our customers. Have a look on our web site, where you will always find actual promotions for all VIP card holders.

Actual discounts

5% discount on car rental, for all VIP card owners

5% discount for those who liked our Facebook site

Your discounts will count together, so you can easily get 10% discount on your each rental.


Your discount is valid also for extra equipment (GPS, Child seat and others) and also for additional services as insurance.

Discount does not apply on car delivery service



How does it work?


  1. Already after first car rental with our company in Bratislava, you will get your VIP card with unique card number.

  2. When you need to rent a car again, simply click on our web and find out what advantages your card brings to you. For even bigger discounts, „like“ our facebook site.

  3. Make your reservation on to the note write your card number.

  4. We will send you back your reservation which will already include your discount.


WANT MORE? select that you like our facebook site, and you will get your VIP card already for first rental.