Skoda fabia for 20 EUR or less per day

For those who do not drive too many kilometres , we offer Skoda Fabia III, with aircondion (latest model), for best price.

This model is with limit of 100 kilometres, 60 miles/day, but in case you change your plans and need to drive more, you can and will only pay diference in price of same car without km limit.




Skoda Fabia with sale price and kilometre limit 100km/day.

 1-3      days

 20 EUR/day

 4-10    days

 19 EUR/day

 11-20   days

 17 EUR/day

 21-30   days

 16 EUR/day

 Weekend Fri 13:00 – Mo 9:00

 55 EUR/weekend

Prices are stated without 20% VAT.

Kilometre limit 100km/day = approximately 60 miles/day

In case of exceeding km limit, you are obliged to pay rental price of similar vehicle without km limit.


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