Damage insurance

Damage insurance now from 5,5 EUR/day.

Damage insurance is for all drivers, who want to be sure that when they return rented car, they will not have to pay for damage which they may have caused on the car.

In case you pay in advance for full damage insurance, you will not have to pay for any damage which occurs on the car, whether it was caused by your fault or not.

What is damage insurance - Example:

You cause a damage , or there occurs a damage but the contravener is not known:

  • without full damage insurance, you are obliged to pay excess for damage which is 10%, minimum 330 EUR
  • with damage insurance you have option , either to lower your damage excess to 0 EUR, or to lower your damage and theft excess to 0 EUR


In case that the damage is caused by other person and this person is known, you are not obliged to pay anything, does not depend whether you have previously paid for full damage insurance or not.

Damage insurance covers only damages on the car, not stolen car, not interier of vehicle and tires.

In case that insurance company does not pay the damage on the car, the damage insurance is also not valid.


Drive safe with EDENcars, rent a car.