No more extra costs

We want our customers to always know what it is, therefore, prices are presented in the final price list are no hidden charges. In our car rental only pay for car rental and the only thing we require from you is return the car with a full tank, as you well received.

Some companies lure customers at low prices, which may increase the bonuses below, which we do not charge!


Therefore, car rental EDENcars guarantee

24 hrs. addition of free - you do not pay extra for the extra rent / return the car outside office hours, whether you rent a car in the evening and weekend. Out of opening hours service in Kosice airport is for extra fee - see pricelist.

EU is not a problem - travel abroad with our cars, you can go to any EU country without a surcharge, it should only be reported in advance of the country in which you go

Always clean car - you get the car cleaned, but it should not be washed and returned to normal soil do not charge a penalty

Additional Driver - the other driver also do not charge extra, it is only necessary to pre-announce any details because the police control

You have unlimited mileage - limit mileage from us do not have any in the long and short lease

Safety and security - 24 hour assistance service and spare car in case of emergency, as well as failures, they are for us


Car will be waiting where you say - call the car anywhere in Bratislava, but also in other cities charge


Compare prices and car rental service in Slovakia

 Car Rental in Slovakia

 Out of openinig hours charge

 Limit mileage

 Car Rental EDENcars

 No extra charge

 Unlimited mileage

 Other car rental

 10-35 EUR + VAT*

 Limits 200-350 km / day *

* sample increases in the other car rental

Customers of car rental

Our Car Rental has a wide base of audience. Our services are used by large corporations, small businesses and individuals who have found in our transparency, great prices and superior service. Most Slovaks come to us from the Bratislava region, foreign customers from the Czech Republic, USA, England, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Russia and other countries.


Our car rental clients are always trying to satisfy 100%.