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What do I need to reserve a car ?

You just have to fill out and confirm a reservation form on the internet or send the reservation by email or over the phone. The reservation of car will be consequently confirmed/denied by our staff.

Can I cancel a reservation ?

Yes, you can cancel a reservation, however 24 hours before commencement of rental at the very latest.

How can I pay for renting a car ?

You can pay with credit card either beforehand or when collecting a car.
Corporate entities, that have a general contract with EDENcars have also an option of paying by bank transfer within 14 days of car collection.

How much is the deposit for renting a car ?

It depends on the type of the rented car. Actual deposit is between 200 EUR and 500 EUR. Exact information on the deposit for rented cars is available here (column deposit): Price list

When do I have to pay the deposit for a car ?

Deposit and payment for car rental are to be paid before or when collecting the car at the very latest.

When do I get the deposit for renting a car back ?

In case you paid the deposit with debit/credit card, you will get the confirmation of returning the deposit immediately, however the money will get to your bank account within three days, depending on the bank.

How long can I rent a car for ?

You can rent a car for as short as one day, however if it’s a weekend day, the minimum period of rental is two days.

What documents do I need to rent a car ?

Personal entity needs national ID, driving licence and either another ID or a payment by card is necessary.
Corporate entity needs national ID and driving licence if the director of the company rents a car. Car rental of any company employee will have to be authorized by its director.

Do I have to come over to your branch to collect the car ?

Car can be collected anywhere by mutual agreement. It’s free within Bratislava district. It can also be returned for free anywhere in Bratislava district.

Is it possible to collect the car at my address when renting a car for a day ?

It’s necessary to come over to our branch when both collecting and returing the car.

Do I have to wash the car and clean it inside before returning it ?

No you don’t if it’s not overly dirty.

How about fuelling a car ?

You will get the car with full tank and you will also have to return it with full tank.

How are the cars insured ?

Every car has legal and collision insurance for the whole EU. (with participation 10% min. 330 EUR)

What does full insurance mean ?

Every car is standardly insured. If you cause a damage to the car or if it’s caused by somebody else and you don’t have their details,you will be charged with 10% participation, minimum 330EUR. Participation won’t be charged if you get additional insurance.

Are the persons (seats) insured in the rented car ?

No, car seats are not insured.

What is the insurance excess ?

In case that customer causes damage on vehicle, he is suposed to pay excess of 330 EUR. In case of smaller damage, uppon 30cm scratch on one part of car, this will lower to 100 EUR + 20% VAT.

Can I go abroad by rented car ?

Yes, however it’s necessary to report this fact to any staff member beforehand.

Which countries can I go to by rented car ?

Geographic Europe excluding: Ukraine, Rumania,, Bulgaria, Bosnia, Macedonia, Serbia.

Is there any fee for going abroad by rented car ?

There is no fee, it’s just necessary to report it.

What shall I do in case of an accident ?

We’ll advise you 24/7 on +421 948 490 480.

How do I get to the destination if the car breaks down ?

We’ll provide you another car or any other means of transport to get you to your destination.

What are the business hours of your car rental ?

Monday – Friday 8:00-17:00

Is it possible to rent a car outside of business hours ?

Yes it is, it’s just necessary to talk to our staff beforehand.

What is the fee to rent a car outside of business hours ?

It’s free to rent or return a car outside of business hours in Bratislava,Bratislava airport car rental EDEncars. 

In Kosice airport is extra cost of this service 30 EUR incl. VAT.